Angel Invest is Europe's most active Angel Fund

We make 50+ angel investments per year into European technology startups. Our initial check size is €100k, we invest in Pre-seed and Seed rounds.

We are looking for extremely ambitious teams who do something that nobody else is doing and maybe it is already working a little bit. Once invested, we coach founders to product market fit and help them raise Series A.

Jens Lapinski, Jag Singh, Mara Larson-Richard, and Matthaus Krzykowski are Partners who make angel investments and coach founders. John von Berenberg-Consbruch is a Partner who makes larger follow-on investments in our portfolio companies. Oliver Clasen is a Partner who focuses on our company growth. Eckart Koerner is our CFO, he looks after legal and finance.

We have made angel investments in 125+ startups that have raised in excess of €800m in follow-on funding and have a market cap of over €3BN. Companies we backed with angel checks include Rasa, Everphone, Impala, Usercentrics, Coachhub, Otta, Kencko, Spacelift, Symmetrical, Recap, DappRadar, Cord, Opna, Ivy, Bling and many more.

We have recently published a European VC Landscape. You can find this landscape here.

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