Angel Invest European VC Landscape

Intro & Overview

At Angel Invest, we are currently building a complete landscape of all European VC fund management companies. We also include some fund managers who are outside of Europe, but have a strong European presence.

In order to be included, a fund manager must have at least one fund live that is actively being invested.

The landscape is not yet complete. We know we are missing some funds and some funds have incomplete data. If you are a fund manager and would like to be included or would like to update information, just click the relevant button in the Airtable and we will add you in short order.

Who are we?

Angel Invest is one of Europe's most active super angel funds. We've made more than 100 investments and have co-invested with more than 150+ global funds - including tier 1 investors across Europe, US and Asia. We can be the first check into a company pre incorporation, can co-invest or lead pre-seed rounds, as well as co-invest in seed rounds. We make approximately 40 €100k angel/pre-seed investments per year and coach the founders to Series A.

Why did we create this landscape?

Initially we made it for ourselves. We wanted to understand who is in the market, investing where, at what stage, into what and with what portfolio construction. We then showed the landscape to some LPs who found it very interesting. So we thought we might as well put a bit of effort in and publish it. We hope it is a useful contribution to LPs and GPs alike.

We think this information is also useful to founders who are raising funding. After all, if you know the focus and portfolio construction of a fund, you can gain a much better understanding of how likely your round is going to be be a good fit with that fund.

What does it include?

The landscape is split into four sections:
(1) About the fund manager (Name, About, Website & Location)
(2) Investment focus of the fund (Sweet spot/stage of investment, Range of investment they can make, Sector focus & Geo focus)
(3) Latest fund information (Fund number, Vintage/year of last fund & Fund Size)
(4) Portfolio construction of the fund (Check size & range, Number of companies they will invest in from fund, Follow-on reserve & Target Ownership)


Reach out to us If ever you have any questions about this landscape or have any feedback as to how we could improve it, please do contact us on the following email:


This is an initial version of the Angel Invest European VC Landscape. The data comes from the personal networks of the Angel Invest investment team, publicly available information, as well as input from the fund managers themselves. We would also like to highlight we have intentionally NOT 'Tagged' every single part of this landscape, as we know can be done in Airtable. We have done this as we have seen founders and investors become 'trigger happy' with filters - often missing brilliant and exceptional funds as a result. Although it means the user experience may not be as pleasant (at times), we hope it will yield greater results in the long run. And maybe in time we'll make tweaks in this particular area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will be editing the landscape as we get feedback from the community. We want to see how you use it, what questions you have and give you the answers you need. More to come...